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Magic of John Breeds

John Breeds announces his new second book for Children's Entertainers...

by John Breeds

John Breeds brings his 35 years experience as a professional children’s entertainer to his second book to lay bare the routines, props and bits of business that gave him such a successful career. It follows on the heels of his first magic book, the best-selling, How To Create Kids’ Magic - acknowledged by US children’s entertainment expert David Kaye (‘Silly Billy’) as "...the A to Z of all aspects of being a professional children’s entertainer".

Now, continuing in a similar style, John Breeds brings you dozens of routines from his working repertoire. A former professional author and publisher, his full explanations, attention to the smallest detail and his crystal clear illustrations show you how someone with unparalleled performing experience brings his material to life. Nothing is omitted: nothing is left to chance: this is solid gold material you can rely upon.

As well as more than 30 highly commercial performance pieces, this new book brings professional children’s entertainers and magicians a treasure chest of original methods, apparatus and comedy bits. Remember, in addition to his track record as a performer, John Breeds is the creator who brought the world of children’s entertainment two highly acclaimed pieces of children’s magic: Visible Magic Painting and Wacky Washing Machine. Both repeatedly pirated, they went on to become modern classics of apparatus for children’s magic.

This new book for professional entertainers brims with creative, funny and mystifying magic. It will rejuvenate your shows with fresh material; taken together with its predecessor, the twin volumes contain the advice, routines, comedy and props around which one can build an entire career.

Preview comments...

John Kimmons, UK:

“...this is an absolute gold mine. No pipe dreams here, just practical, workable material from John’s massive performing repertoire, with a liberal helping of advice.”

Christopher T. Magician, Los Angeles:

“John Breeds clearly knows his stuff, and he's packed this book full of ingenious pieces. You're about to take a trip into one of the greatest minds in the kid show magic business!”

Bobby Gill, UK:

“Hand-on-heart I never saw a better entertainer of children than John Breeds. What John has given you here is priceless: the working routines that wrought this phenomenon.”

Lotz of Magic for Kidz

Lotz of Magic for Kidz by John Breeds, 38, author publication, UK, 2018, 216 pp, b+w illustrations.

Now available from the author/publisher:
John Breeds Associates
+44(0)1793 750620
17 Pittsfield, Cricklade
Wilts, SN6 6AN, UK

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