John Breeds was born at a very early age, in Portsmouth, England. Although he was a magic nut from birth John started professional magic in 1978. He is a past President of the UK's prestigious Cotswold Magic Society, and has served on its Committee for several years.

In the early years, after graduating, he qualified as a chartered telecommunications engineer. And from there went into technical training. He then moved into senior management, marketing and finally as the product manager of Nokia Satellite Europe. John Breeds was one of the pioneers of satellite television in Europe during the early 1980s, and authored several respected text books for satellite TV engineers and dish installers.

Little John with Dippy Duck

John with Dippy Duck

His technical books were hugely successful. This situation allowed him to retire early from the high pressure, yet gratifying position as a leader in a highly competitive industry. John immediately fulfilled his lifetime ambition to become a full-time professional children's entertainer. John Breeds was already a competent close-up magician, and this, together with his knowledge of sales and marketing, enabled him to become one of Britain's leading children's entertainers.

John has always had a strong sense of humour – with looks like his he has had to! He has a natural affinity with children, and is always able to instantly make them laugh loudly a talent he employs in his magic shows.

In addition to entertaining, John has also invented several tricks. One trick, which he invented around 1966, is called, "Visible Magic Painting". Thousands of magicians the world over regularly use Visible Magic Painting. John's trick is generally acknowledged as being the best children's effect invented in the last Century! The effect is that a black and white line drawing visibly becomes coloured. It's a great favourite, particularly with children's entertainers, as it has comedy, lots of participation and good colourful magic that all children can enjoy.

Outside of show business John enjoys sharing his life with his wife Penny, children and grandchildren. He gets much pleasure from reading thrillers, sailing and strolling along a sandy beach.

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