Flyer for Ant The Ant by John Breeds

Pretty well all kids' entertainers know the premise of the 'Monkey Bar' effect. But few Monkey Bars, if any, have a dramatic yet visible climax - until now!

Ant the Ant is a tried and tested highly commercial effect - with the emphasis on fun! Itís the ideal trick for kids of all ages as it offers laughs galore, screams of delight and a surprise ending when Ant visibly jumps from one end-tumbler to the other; and then jumps back to the centre one!

How does Ant accomplish such feats? Well he cheats because he wears springs on his shoes. In fact, Ant the Ant is a champion jumper!

Top quality, strong polycarbonate tumblers and plinth form the basic apparatus. Two neodymium disc magnets allow the smooth transition of Antís seemingly impossible escapades. Also included is a fully illustrated Instruction booklet of handling and worked routine.

Loads of fun here for all ages!

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