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Front Cover of How To Create Kids' Magic And Triple Your Income! by John Breeds

How to sell your most valuable asset: You

Attract more business: effective publicity and advertising

Key techniques for audience control and staging

Wow their socks off with funny tricks and clever bits

Create parties to remember: non-elimination action games

Learn the secrets every professional entertainer knows

Avoid 10 costly mistakes when starting your new business

Build your reputation and command bigger fees


Available direct from the author, John Breeds.

Now available as Kindle eBooks at an even more affordable price:

Part 1, $12.99,

Chapter 1 - Selling You!
Chapter 2 - Publicity and Advertising Techniques
Chapter 3 - Audience Control and Staging
Chapter 7 - Index

Part 2, $12.99,

Chapter 4 - Funny Tricks with Clever Bits!
Chapter 5 - Non-Elimination Action Games
Chapter 6 - Some Afterwords...
Chapter 7 - Index

John Breeds’ How To Create Kids’ Magic and Triple Your Income! comprises Parts 1 & 2 that are unique working manuals for job changers and working professional entertainers alike. There are no other books out there that give every insight you need to turn your hobby into a lucrative business.

Even if you do not perform for kids, the marketing and sales secrets in Part 1 are invaluable for the working pro. And it is well written and beautifully illustrated by a professional writer and kids’ entertainer with over 30 years experience. Great job.

Bobby Gill
UK magician