Flyer for Don't Ring That Bell! by John Breeds

John Breeds' Don’t Ring That Bell

A fantastic bit of business which you can use any time you have a few volunteers to help you. John included this in his fine book ‘How To create Kids' Magic and Triple Your Income!’ (published by Practical Magic) and we were quick to secure the exclusive rights.

Three children come up to help you. One is the timekeeper and is given a bell push and switch. He presses the bell to make sure it works. You explain that he must only press the bell when you tell him. Meanwhile, you turn your back, and, holding a wrapped prize, explain to the other two children how to win the prize. At that moment… THE BELL RINGS! You hasten to the timekeeper and tell him only to ring the bell when you tell him. Back you go to your other helpers when… THE BELL RINGS!

You change timekeeper… AND STILL THE BELL RINGS! Completely under your control at all times. A smart bevelled board and a doorbell with a loud chime. Don’t miss out on one of the BEST bits of business in a long time! See for yourself… (Courtesy Practical Magic, UK.)

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