Flyer for Funny Talk! by John Breeds

This booklet is aimed at professional kids' entertainers and contains a collection of daft questions and comical sayings.

Never get stuck again for that funny phrase or question when you’re routining a new trick. This compilation of daft questions and comical sayings helps you to string together essential patter that kids find hilariously funny.

All you need to know to give your show a lift and make your act go with a zing!

“The other day I nearly fell in my bowl of cornflakes. Good job the cat was able to pull me out! And that’s as true as I’m riding this bike!” Kids will yell, “You haven’t got a bike.” You reply, “Oh no. Someone’s pinched my bike!”

“That's a nice dress. I wish I had a dress like that.”

“Please don't shout too loudly. I've got a headache in my foot.”

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