Header Image for Ghost Buster by John Breeds

We are proud to present Ghost Buster. It comes with a fabulous routine by one of the UK's top children's entertainers, Billy Wiz.

The routine involves a degree of magical mystery; (how does that bulb keep lighting up?). And to boot, there's a huge dollop of comedy and participation for all!

So, what is the Ghost Buster machine? Well, simply put, it's a professionally made ghost detector. The unit employs a full size light bulb and some special electronics that fit on its purpose-built tray.

Whenever there is a ghost about the light bulb lights up - and can even flash on and off. How's it done? Well it isn't really a ghost detector because it operates by remote control.

Photo of Ghost Buster

Ghostly Image

The remote controlled apparatus is similar to our 'Lie Detector' but without the loud buzzers, press on-off switch, clipboard and questions etc.

Ghost Buster is a terrific fun-packed item and comes with a full routine. You simply must have a Ghost Buster for Halloween parties.

We have a very limited number of Ghost Buster machines left. They are offered strictly on a first-come first-served basis, and at a very special low price! We shan't be making more until next September.

Only 39 plus P&P. Includes full instructions. Plus bonus of how to make Billy Wiz's Ghost Zapper balloon model - the perfect giveaway.

So... Order one now!

Here, Billy Wiz uses Ghost Buster to great effect.

For further details please contact jbreeds@talktalk.net

We reserve the right to change colours and specifications without notice.