Flyer for Lie Detector Plus! by John Breeds

Lie Detector Plus! is one of those utility devices that is so versatile that its use in magical routines is almost limitless.

Light and sound are the two strongest sensory signals to cue an action. So, this apparatus includes two loud buzzers and a full-size light bulb. The bulb is actually made from plastic, which is obviously far safer than glass.

You control these prompts at anytime with our unique 'No-Hands' electronic remote control device. Just think of the fun you could have with your helpers - you can start a funny action; exactly when you want to. The fully illustrated Instructions show just three funny routines but there are lots more.

New Improved Lie Detector Plus! by John Breeds

Don't Buzz That Buzzer!
Don't Ring That Buzzer! was a smash hit on its own. But now we've included it as part of Lie Detector Plus. Just think of the fun when you have, say, three helpers and tell them not to press the buzzer until you say. But just as you turn your back the buzzer sounds and the light comes on. The same happens when you switch helpers – much to your consternation.

Lie Detector

The 'Yes' or 'No' Game
The 'Yes No' game is fast and furious – where everyone wants to join in. Your helpers must NOT say, 'Yes' or 'No'. For instance, you ask, “Are you ready to begin?” “Yes!” they reply. Gotcha! The buzzers buzz and the light bulb come on.

This game is very, comical and can employ many participants in a routine. In fact all the kids want to have a go! Again we include a clipboard of suitable questions.

Don't Buzz That Buzzer!

Lie Detector (This was previously called Funny Fibbers)
A child holds the lie detector. You ask him a question where he is pretty certain to tell an innocent fib. For example, you ask, “Are you a good boy?” “Yes!” he replies. Gotcha! Of course, the buzzers buzz and the light come on. The same thing happens to his friends. The supplied clipboard lists funny lie detector questions, suitable for kids and adults.

Don't Buzz That Buzzer!

Lie Detector Plus (formally Giggling Gotchas) is fast becoming the highlight of my show. It plays brilliantly for all ages, from pre-school right through to mature adults. It never fails to generate huge amounts of laughter and fun.

An added bonus is that it really does appear to be independent and reacting to the helpers responses without any intervention from the performer - in other words it has a genuine magical element to it.

Your service and after care have been second to none and I would have no hesitation in commending you as a brilliant inventor of magical effects as well as a great ambassador for our art.

Steve Dimmer
Northampton, UK

Enjoy Royston South's funny routine:

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