Flyer for Pro Epic! by John Breeds

Read Their Minds

It's B-I-G
Making for maximum visibility, weíve made it the largest writing surface on the market - A3, 420 mm x 297 mm (16.5 in x 11.7 in). No more compressed writing or abbreviations!

Itís Contemporary
Weíve done away with the old slate, opting instead for whiteboard and marker pen. It looks more like a whiteboard, and less of a magicianís prop.

Itís Original
We have approached the apparatus and the effect it portrays afresh and believe we have come up with some breakthrough thinking that distinguishes our Board from the other models available.

Itís Versatile
Weíve included several presentations for adults, with additional ideas and possibilities based on years of performing for real people under all conditions.

It's Also for Kids
And who said mentalism canít be made to play well with kids? John Breeds, ex-pro kids entertainer, has developed a practical, fun routine which elevates the kids to the status of hero, not the performer.

Itís a Fooler
We have long had concerns about the to-ing and fro-ing involved in the traditional ĎMental Epicí. Our prop builder has streamlined the whole thing, and reduced the amount of writing the performer has to do.

It's Based on Experience
There are several small but important tiny details incorporated into the apparatus and handling that make your job a delight to perform!

Itís Great Value
There are ĎMental Epicí boards on the market for as much as $350.

We set out to offer maximum bang-for-your buck by giving you different presentations that ensure you can include this crowd pleaser in all stand-up performing conditions: for families, adults, corporates, kids; as a mental item, or a magic one.

Pondering Guy

As a working professional for many years I have used a variety of Mental Epic boards Ė most of which have been the Ďblack slate and chalk variety.í But now ĎPro Epicí comes along, and itís light years ahead of anything I've seen. Pro Epicís dry-wipe white board surfaces are arranged vertically rather than horizontally. This means that you now have plenty of room to write your predictions, as well as the spectatorsí answers. Everyone can clearly see the words, numbers and symbols Ė no more squeezed-up scribbles!

Pro Epic is way beyond the standard mental epic. John and Bob designed it for the professional performer who wants an easy to see, reliable, no fuss and no mess effect. I cannot recommend this great item highly enough - itís a joy to perform.

Peter Wentworth, Oxon.

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