Flyer for Rabbit Monte by John Breeds

...designed to have fun and lots of interaction with the audience...

Rabbit Monte started out almost as a throwaway gag. But the routine developed the magical element into a great opportunity to have a fun argument with the kids. Yes, it’s designed to have fun and lots of interaction with the audience and three child helpers.

Where's The Rabbit

Each child helper holds a paper bag or envelope. In two of the bags you place a picture of a duck. In the remaining bag you place a picture of a rabbit.

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No matter how much the three helpers shuffle around, the audience can never catch which bag contains the picture of the rabbit – hence the name 'Rabbit Monte'. In fact, at the denouement all the sketches can turn into ducks and the rabbit appears on your back!

Simplicity is the key. There are no special bags with magnets, flaps or hidden pockets. Yet the Rabbit’s appearance is under your control at all times. You can even tear up the empty bags at the end of the routine!

You are supplied with three 200 mm diameter, 3 mm thick tough Foamex cards. Each card is colour illustrated with an appropriate Duck or Rabbit sketch. Also supplied are the fully illustrated Instructions and Routine.

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Where's The Rabbit

We reserve the right to change colours and specifications without notice.