Flyer for The Rat Trap by John Breeds

The Rat Trap is a very funny sight-gag for older kids or adults.

You tell the story of a pesky Rat that is running amok about your house. He's even been eating all of your Corn Flakes! So you decide to catch him with your Rat Trap.

The only problem is that you’ve lost the trap. Never mind, you explain, “We'll find it later. Let's get on with a magic trick”.

Invite a boy up to help you. After the initial introductions, ask him, “You’re not afraid of Rats with big teeth are you?” Whatever he answers, pick up a paper bag and go to put your hand into it.

etc etc.

Eventually, you put your hand into the paper bag to show your latest trick.

But suddenly, there is a very, very loud snap. You scream with pain as you pull out your hand with a Rat Trap firmly closed on your fingers. Now’s the time to go for an Oscar as best actor!

The Rat Trap is completely safe. There is no way your hand can get trapped in this specially made device.

Comes complete with genuine Rat Trap and full Instructions.

Some unsolicited testimonials:

My comedy gag Rat Trap, made by the awesome John Breeds, arrived today - I love it - already fooled several people… Rob Bowker

Got mine! Bloody love it. This beauty's gonna get some serious use. Well done on a great product. Easy to use and zero faff. It’s a superb prop! Showed my kids and the reaction from that one use alone was worth the money. Gold, I tell ye. Gold! Mark Daniel

Arrived this morning and went straight in to the 1pm show and got a MASSIVE laugh. Thank you John Breeds you’re a star.
I've now used rat trap five times since getting it on Tuesday; I absolutely love it, my new favourite prop. Sammy Caleb Brooks

I love it. Jay Wells

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