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We are proud to present Santa Alert. It comes with a fun routine by John Breeds.

The routine involves a degree of magical mystery; (how does that bulb keep lighting up?). And to boot, there's a huge dollop of comedy and participation for all.

So, what is the Santa Alert? Well, simply put, it's a professionally made Father Christmas detector. The unit employs a full size light bulb and some special electronics that fit on its purpose-built tray.

Whenever there is a presence of Santa or his reindeers the light bulb lights up - and can even flash on and off. How's it done? Well it isn't really a Santa detector because it operates by remote control. This is similar in principle to our Lie Detector Plus! but without loud buzzers, clipboard, on board on/off switch and a list of questions.

Santa Reading

Santa in Chimney

Santa Alert is a terrific fun-packed item and comes with a full routine. You simply must have a Santa Alert for Christmas parties. Just think of the fun you could have with your helpers - you can start a funny action; exactly when you want to.

Santa Alert includes a full set of batteries, a plinth and a full-size light bulb. The bulb is actually made from plastic, which is far safer than glass.

Only 39 plus P&P. Includes full instructions and batteries.

So... Order one now!

For further details please contact jbreeds@talktalk.net

We reserve the right to change colours and specifications without notice.