Flyer for Wacky Washing Machine! by John Breeds

John Breeds' Wacky Washing Machine

Many busy children’s entertainers bypassed the wonderful Washing Machine trick because some washing machines were very heavy; some were top loading; with some you couldn’t let the children remove the socks; some were too large. But John Breeds’ Wacky Washing Machine has solved all these problems. The prop weighs only 1.5 kilos (about 2 lb), and the approx. dimensions are height 12" (30cm); width 9" (23cm); and depth 5" 13cm).

Washing socks has never been so hilarious with John’s new design. It’s a comedy of errors where the pair of socks change size, become spotted, are full of holes and finally return to normal. A major feature is that the children themselves can load and remove the socks from the drum. Added to this, there is a bank of flashing lights and a noisy buzzer. However, this simple description gives no inkling of the FUN that the prop generates. Wacky Washing Machine is a feature effect in any show and easily the best participation trick - ever! There are laughs galore throughout the routine! See for yourself…

Dov Citron aka Captain Calamity writes:

No party is complete without the brilliant Wacky Washing Machine. It acts as the catalyst for so much laughter, slapstick, audience interaction and fun that I never do a show without it. That's why when John agreed to let me play with it on my YouTube channel I knew it would be a hit!

The Rev. Michael L Reist, The Amazing Magi writes:

There are many different versions of the comedy washing machine. John Breeds’ “Wacky Washing Machine” is by far the best on the market. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Here’s a clip from one of Royston South’s School Shows…

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