Flyer for Yes No Book by John Breeds

The ‘Yes - No’ Book is simple yet plays big, with huge laughs for both children and parents.

A boy and a girl are asked a series of questions that require them to answer, ‘yes’ or ‘no’. The boy must answer, “Yes,” to all of his questions, whereas the girl must answer, “No” to all of hers. The questions are carefully phrased in such a way that it is difficult for either child to answer against their natural instinct.

Of course, the fun happens when a child answers, either correctly or incorrectly. You react accordingly and enjoy the hilarious answers that you will undoubtedly get!

We supply a full instructional routine. And a jumbo-size book (laid to landscape so that the titles can be seen in the biggest theatres). The book itself contains detailed lists of questions - some are suitable for boys and girls - and others for adults!

Cartoon Boy and Girl

I make no apology that there is NO MAGIC in this routine - apart from the magic of laughter! Whenever pros talk about routines from dealers, what they say they value most are those bits of business and sight gags rather than magic tricks. Add to that something which is scripted to work in the real world – and the pros are always happiest.

I took the Yes/No book in my hospital visits yesterday and it brought so much joy to those amazing kids. I just followed your instructions and felt like I was a spectator on a series of wonderful moments.

Children laughed, parents smiled and even the nurses and play specialists got involved. A simple concept with staggering results. It may not be a magic trick but buddy; it is truly magical.

Dov Citron
Middlesex, UK

Stuart Rogers aka Little Monsters using the Yes-No book:

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